D.M Jayarathne (former prime minister) in 65 years of political leadership.
He retired from the prime minister position in 2015 and currently the president’s adviser.
The son (Anuradha Jayarathne) is the acting parliament and deputy minister.
He is also a vice chairman of Jathika Urumaya Organisation.
President of Sri Lanka foundation Jathika Urumaya Organisation (former prime minister D.M Jayarathne) and the friend of 20 yrs. Mr, Takashi Haruyama and Mr,Jayarathne and former thought in order cakes o make the project what was doing it a reality, in Japan, they have established Jathika Urumaya Japan Association.

Mr, Takashi Haruyama and Mr,Jayarathne
Jathika Urumaya Organisation is an organization founded in Sri Lanka in 1998, Main activities for this organization is that supporting poor children and charities such as providing free glasses etc.

Mr, Jayarathne has particular attention to the temple called Ambuluwawa temple.
It’s summit of more than 1000meater above the ground and the road to the temple is very steep and dangerous access to it
By saying that the idea of connecting from the ground with a cable car between Mr, Jayarathne and Mr, Haruyama they were talking about it all the time.

Jathika Uruyama Japan will be continuously working on ambullwawa cable car business for the time being.
As a goal, while conducting international CorprProject between Japan and Sri Lanka
They are acting as a bridge between companies and individuals who are interested

Jathika Urumaya Organisation
Incorporated under Sri Lanka Parliamentary [ACT,No.44 of 1998]
No,77 Pallewela,Gampola,SriLanka

~ Supporting members(Corporations / Individuals) are recruited ~

We are looking for companies and individuals who are interested in Sri Lanka.
I am considering developing international cooperation project that will improve Sri Lanka and Japan. So, if you have special skills and ideas, please contact us. Sri Lank side also gathers the project what you would like to ask Japanese companies in particular, these are ideas to share within membership.
We also specialized business visit tours that can be coordinated as our organization we plan at any time.